Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed quality

The use and precise working of high-quality materials make designer jewellery from COEUR DE LION particularly durable. In order to guarantee this, almost all work steps take place in our workshop in Stuttgart, from first drafts to the painstaking final inspections.

You can identify COEUR DE LION jewellery by the stainless-steel seal of quality on every necklace and bracelet – your guarantee of carefully tested quality from our workshop. Additionally, every jewellery box comes with a certificate of authenticity, authorised by our Stuttgart manufacturer for purchases from the online store. If a piece of jewellery is purchased from one of our official retailers, the certificate will be authorised by that retailer. Therefore, look out for the certificate of authenticity when purchasing COEUR DE LION jewellery. The two-year statutory guarantee applies.

You can only find original COEUR DE LION jewellery of the highest quality via our online shop,, or our official partners, whose outlets can be found on our homepage under Store Finder.

The highest quality: ‘hand-made in Germany’ has its price.

Warning: sometimes unauthorised websites feature parts of a brand name in their URLs so as to make their offers appear trustworthy. These websites are in no way associated with our online shop, Please bear this in mind when purchasing our jewellery online. Check the legal information and look out for the correct use of grammar and language. Likewise, extreme price discounts and differences to the original price of a product indicate a potentially bogus sale.

In order to continue providing our customers with excellent and durable designer jewellery, COEUR DE LION actively works against unauthorised providers of both original and counterfeit products.